The images Manda captured not only met but exceeded our expectations. The attention to lighting, composition, and overall artistry in each photograph was truly remarkable. 

Julie & Enzo, 2022


Upholding a high level of service

Placing the needs and desires of my clients at the forefront is for me particularly important. Luxury means for me understanding the vision of the couple, and providing exceptional service throughout the entire journey. I have developed my process and all my standards to value my clients greatly and to serve them incredibly well.


Each detail has a story behind it

Luxury weddings often involve intricate details and lavish settings.
Through my lens, I try to showcase not only the visual elements but also tell a richer, more nuanced story of the couple's special day.


Images that transcends the ordinary

My first goal is to give my image a dimension that transcends the ordinary. I always ask myself how to bring a unique blend of editorial flair and fine art sensibility to every shoot in every wedding, ensuring the moments are not just captured but transformed into visual masterpieces.
Luxury wedding photography is not just about taking photographs; it is about creating a work of art. Each image should be a masterpiece that will be treasured for years to come. 


Simple process and Unobtrusive Presence

My wish is for couples to have complete peace of mind about photos during the planning process and on the wedding day. I want them to be able to have complete confidence in my abilities and know that we are all on the same page so that they can fully enjoy the wedding day without even having to think about the photos. After ten years of covering weddings, I have had the opportunity to develop my emotional intelligence which allows me to connect more deeply with my clients, understand their feelings and capture authentic, heartfelt moments without distrupting the flow of the wedding.