A blend of editorial and timeless imagery. To curate magazine worthy images that stand the test of time.

Offering the couples and their guests an experience of professionalism, kindness and effortless process. 


full wedding weekend coverage

Manda is impassioned by luxury destination wedding photography and full wedding weekend coverage, as it allows him to seamlessly fuse his love for photography with a profound inspiration drawn from travel, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for couples while capturing the essence of their special moments in the most stunning and diverse settings.

Continuous communication ensuring discussions about the wedding timeline, specific shots the couple desires, venue logistics, and any unique considerations for the luxury wedding experience

Detailed Pre-Wedding Planning


The contract outlines the terms and conditions, payment schedules, cancellation policies, and any other relevant information

secure your date


Proposal including a detailed breakdown of services, such as engagement sessions, full-day wedding coverage, destination services, and high-quality photo products

Customized proposal


Express your interest and inquire about the availability. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your vision, preferences, and the scope of the wedding. 



A LUXURY EXPERIENCE with a very simple process

the experience 

working with Manda can includes...

  • Full wedding day and wedding weekend coverage
  • Natural images combining Fine-art aesthetics with editorial storytelling 
  • Mix of film, digital, and drone coverage 
  • A professional, stylish, and detailed oriented team
  • Courteous communication leading up to and after your wedding day
  • Ease and comfort in front of the camera
  • Highlighting your guests' experience
  • 4 x 6 prints 
  • Digital gallery to be shared with family and friends


Coverage that ensures your important moments aren't missed.

We provide up to 11 hours of wedding day coverage to ensure we can capture everything you want and more. 


Feel as good leading up to your day as you look together.

It will help us to build a rapport and establishes a level of comfort, so you know what to expect on wedding day


A runway-ready timeline to make the day effortless.

With over 10 years experience we know exactly what is needed to make your day run effortlessly for you. We'll confirm all the timing & important details in advance, so you can enjoy the most of your day.