Professional photographer since 2014, I am a big fan of film rendering and elegant weddings. I draw inspiration from it to create luminous photos full of softness. I love to photograph in a refined and romantic atmosphere, which gives authenticity and emotion to my reports.

Ah, Paris, the city of light! It turns all heads and enchants all minds: Paris is without doubt one if not the most beautiful city in France. Its architecture and its beauty undoubtedly make it possible to produce the most elegant and romantic wedding reports. I particularly like the Parisian atmosphere, its wide streets, its monuments and its gardens: a real open-air museum. The pastel colors of the buildings provide a soft light that is conducive to photography.

Enough chatter, why not show you the work I was able to do in Paris with sumptuous brides and stunning decor?

Paris, city of love

It's not for nothing that Paris is said to be the city of love. A number of films, series and books depict Paris as a romantic city with an enchanting atmosphere. Recently, the Emily in Paris series created a real craze around the city, its architecture, its customs and its "Parisians".

Paris is and will always be THE city to visit with your loved one to immerse yourself in a romantic, elegant and refined atmosphere. It is home to iconic symbols of love that make it a city with an atmosphere full of romance.

The entire city of Paris is based on a "French-style" culture that is very attractive to the rest of the world. The city is not only a cultural jewel, but also an architectural jewel. Paris is a mythical city titillating the minds of many French and international artists and geniuses. From Victor Hugo in the 17th century to Woody Allen today, Paris is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It gave birth to many works in several fields of art: painting, literature, music or the 7th art: Paris leaves no one indifferent. A fascinating city populated by fascinating people: it has something to seduce!

That's why it's always a real pleasure for me to do photo reports there with newlyweds that highlight the romantic aspect of the city of light.

Paris: an architectural gem

Paris has a rich cultural heritage thanks to its history but also thanks to its architecture. Known for their Haussmannian architecture, the streets of the city combine authenticity and modernity to make Paris the most elegant of European capitals, both culturally and in terms of its alleys and panoramas.

I was able to take some very beautiful photos at the Palais-Royal, in the middle of the columns of Buren, an installation made in 1986 made of Carrara marble and white and black marble from the Pyrenees, which are considered to be the finest materials in the sculpture.

The two-tone columns, the white dress of the bride, the skylight offered by the Palais-Royal and its sand color adorned with its Haussmannian windows made it possible to compose luminous, artistic photos with a beautiful reading and a beautiful symmetry.

From Buren's columns to the Louvre's pyramid, Paris offers the perfect setting for a modern and romantic wedding report. For nearly 2000 years, architecture has had a profound effect on the Parisian landscape and that is why it is very pleasant to produce wedding reports in the city of light. The whole history of the city can be read through its palaces, its squares, its streets and its gardens: an ideal setting to sublimate a love story.

Paris offers pleasant light and colors that perfectly match the Fine Art style. City of fashion, art and love, Paris is a perfect place to celebrate a modern and elegant wedding.

Paris, the city of arts

Cultural life is very dense in the capital. Many monuments steeped in history: museums, theatres, performance halls or opera halls, give Paris the world's first rank in terms of cultural activities.

This is why Paris is a city that fits perfectly into the Fine Art wedding photography style which highlights an artistic and luminous aspect of photography with a touch of fashion and elegance. The Fine Art style is a style that I particularly like and which is for me a reference in terms of wedding photo reportage.

The moments of light offered by the Parisian quays make it possible to capture an atmosphere. Beyond the moment and the moment that the lovers live, we can feel all the complicity of these two beings. A good placement, a photo taken in the right place, a few touch-ups once the report is finished and here we are with photos with a unique character and an atmosphere particularly charged with emotion.

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